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175 Brookvale Avenue, West Babylon, NY 11704
Phone: 631-376-7801

Fax: 631-376-7809

Principal: Ms. Denisha Van Liew

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"We are on our way with J.F.K."

John F. Kennedy Elementary School in West Babylon, New York, is a kindergarten through fifth grade public school. The school opened its doors, for the first time in September 1965. The school was named for the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who had been assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in 1963.

Our mission statement reads, "The community of John F. Kennedy Elementary School is committed to encouraging, empowering and engaging children as they are valued, for their individuality, and diverse capabilities. We emphasize the individual needs of the whole child while enhancing learning. We will provide a safe, nurturing learning environment while inspiring children to achieve academic potential as life long learners." The school's motto, "We're On Our Way With J.F.K." was suggested by the students of West Babylon, not long after the building opened.

The JFK staff works as a team to deliver high quality instruction that is aligned with our state learning standards. We are extremely proud of our school which has a well deserved reputation for excellence and friendliness. Please use this website as a resource for you, and your child.



Summer Programs Offer Academic, SEL Support

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The district will be providing students with an opportunity to participate in an optional, no cost, summer school academic support program.

The K-6 student program will focus on English language arts and math as well as social emotional support camp and “Camp Invention,” which focuses on STEAM enrichment activities. These programs will be full or half day, and families will have the option of attending for the full six weeks (July 12-August 20) or for two-week sessions throughout the summer. “Our elementary students will be able to take classes to strengthen their ELA and math skills, participate in social emotional learning classes that include individual and team activities and join Camp Invention STEM enrichment classes,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly.

The 7-12 program will focus on academic credit recovery as well as course-based academic support. Students who had a difficult school year due to COVID will have the opportunity for credit recovery as part of an academic-based, six-week class and for academic support for three-week sessions in a variety of classes. Both programs will fully support students with IEPs and English language learners in all grade levels.

Additionally, incoming kindergarten students will be offered “Welcome to West Babylon” classes. These two-hour daily classes will run eight days throughout the summer and will give the district’s newest members a chance to meet and play with new classmates as well as strengthen some important academic skills, such as letter and number recognition and following rules and instructions.

All students will have one-on-one Chromebooks and will have access to many online learning components in July and August. All programs will provide social emotional support components, and the district will have mental health experts available to all students throughout the summer.

Schools, Library Partner for STEM

Students Building a Structure thumbnail187801

West Babylon elementary and junior high school library students partnered with the West Babylon Public Library and explored the “Grab and Go” STEM kits throughout June. With a variety of activities from which to choose, junior high school students discovered what causes earthquakes, bones in the skeletal system, the gravitational pull of magnets, and keyboarding made easy. At the elementary level, students participated in library activities such as LEGO challenge, building a marble maze using paper straws and building a structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

Fifth Graders are College and Career Ready

Student Wearing a Carolina Tar Heels Shirt thumbnail187259
Staff Member Wearing Cortland Shirt thumbnail187260
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Student wearing Fireman Suit thumbnail187262
Student Wearing Syracuse Football Shirt thumbnail187263
Student Wearing College Shirt thumbnail187264
Staff Member Wearing Adelphi Shirt thumbnail187265
Staff Member Wearing Syracuse Shirt thumbnail187266
John F. Kennedy Elementary School held a college and career day for the fifth grade classes on June 16. School guidance counselor Ms. Scheriff taught lessons to the fifth graders about college and career readiness. Students and staff wore college T-shirts and career attire to show support for the bright futures of John F. Kennedy’s fifth grade students.

Paper Chain STEM Challenge

Students Holding Up Paper Chain thumbnail187252
Students Holding Up Paper Chain thumbnail187253
Students Holding Up Paper Chain thumbnail187254
Students Cutting Paper thumbnail187255
Students Forming Paper Chain thumbnail187256
Students Cutting Paper thumbnail187257
Students Cutting Paper thumbnail187258
The fifth graders at John F. Kennedy Elementary School recently participated in a STEM challenge. The students were tasked with making the longest paper chain with tape and only one piece of paper. They worked in pairs to plan and execute their vision. Students experienced some trial and error and shared what was successful and what was not. The longest paper chain was 6 yards long, with second place only 10 inches shorter.

Fifth Grade Flags Show Off Individuality

Student Holding Up a Drawing of a Yankees Flag thumbnail185181
Student Holding Up Custom Drawn Flag Photo 2 thumbnail185182
Student Holding Up Custom Drawn Flag Photo 3 thumbnail185183
Student Holding Up Custom Drawn Flag Photo 4 thumbnail185184
Student Holding Up Custom Drawn Flag Photo 5 thumbnail185185
To celebrate Flag Day on June 14, the fifth graders at John F. Kennedy Elementary School learned about the flag of the United States and then made their own flag based on their interests, favorite things and most importantly, themselves.