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Private and Parochial School Transportation

Transportation Services for Non-Public Schools                                                                   File: EEAA

In accordance with state law, the district shall provide transportation to students attending state accredited non-public, private and parochial schools within or outside the district. This transportation shall be under similar or like circumstances.

If the district provides transportation to non-public schools for students living within the applicable mile limits, it must establish a centralized pickup point for the transportation to such non-public schools for students living beyond the mileage range.

At its discretion, the district may provide transportation for students residing in the district to non-public schools located more than fifteen miles from the home of a student if such transportation has been provided to the non-public school in at least one of the immediately preceding three school years and such transportation is to be provided from one or more centralized pick-up points. The distance from a pick-up point to the non-public school is not to exceed fifteen miles.

The request for receiving transportation to such schools outside the district must be made in writing by April 1st preceding the school year in which transportation is desired.

If a child is not a distriçt resident on April 1st, written request must be submitted within 30 days after establishing residence.

The district may waive the above deadline dates in cases in which the district is already transporting to the school requested only if there is seating space available on the vehicle, and if the additional student can be accommodated within the time parameters of that route at no additional cost to the district. Such accommodation shall not interfere with prior or subsequent trips for the vehicle.

Legal Reference:

Education Law § 3635.15

Adopted: 1969
Revised: 2/10/92